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María Inés Olaran Múgica graduated in Geography and History from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, specializing in Prehistory and Archaeology (1988).

She continued her academic formation in history and archaeology in England (1988-1990, University of London and The City Literary Institute).

She worked at the Royal Thai Embassy and Consulate in Madrid as Interpreter and Translator (1990-1994).

She holds a master's degree in Publishing from the Universidad de Salamanca (2004).

She also holds a master's degree in Nobility Law, Genealogy and Heraldry from UNED (2006).

She has done the posgraduate course of Specialist in Archives, Diploma given by the UNED-Fundación Carlos de Amberes (2007).

She is University Specialist in Basque Studies: Human, Social and Natural Sciences, Diploma given by the Universidad del País Vasco/ UNED, Spain, with Honourable Mention (2008), and holds the Diploma of Expert in Basque Etnography/Cultural Heritage by the Fundación José Miguel de Barandiarán, Spain.

She holds a master's degree in Advanced Methods and Technics of historical, artistical and geographical Research from UNED, Spain.

She has taken several works and studies in Genealogy specially related to nobility and heraldry of Spanish families and about Spanish emigration to America, collaborated in different publications as publisher and author and has taken part in Congresses presenting history and genealogy communications in many countries such as Spain, Italy, France, United States, Brazil, Chili, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic.

María Inés Olaran Múgica is Counselor of the Board of the International Confederation of Genealogy and Heraldry. She also is member of the Board of Real Asociación de Hidalgos de España, member of the Board of Fundación Cultural Hidalgos de España and member of the editorial board of the prestigious magazine La Gacetilla de Hidalgos.

She is numerary member of the Real Sociedad Bascongada de los Amigos del País (Delegación en Corte), member of the Real Academia Matritense de Heráldica y Genealogía (correspondent member in Brazil) and Real Congregación de Naturales y Originarios de las tres Provincias Vascongadas (vice-secretary in the Board).

She is also correspondent member of several international Academies and Associations of History, Genealogy and Heraldry such as the International Academy for Genealogy, Academia Costarricense de Ciencias Genealógicas, Academia Dominicana de Genealogía y Heráldica, Academia de Ciencias Genealógicas y Heráldicas de Bolivia, Instituto Peruano de Investigaciones Genealógicas, Sociedad Peruana de Historia and Associação Brasileira de Pesquisadores de História e Genealogia.

María Inés Olaran Múgica has been officially recognized as "Visitante Distinguida de la Ciudad de Santo Domingo " (Dominican Republic) in 2009 and "Huésped Distinguida de la Ciudad de Lima" (Perú) in 2018.

In adition to her academic activity she is Founding Partner and Director of the company Andrés Cardó & Asociados, dedicated to Strategic Consulting, Financial Advisory and Public Affairs, firm located in Madrid (Spain), whose business areas are mainly Education, Culture and Media.



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